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The Geology TrustsThe Geology Trusts is a national umbrella organisation for Geoconservation and Earth Heritage groups. Presently its members are the counties of Herefordshire & Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Bedfordshire. It is a county-based association working in a similar way to the Wildlife Trusts.

Building on Success
The GT has an impressive record of work, achievement and development and over the past 5 years it has initiated total project funding of over 300,000 for joint projects and individually the members (with the help of the Association) have raised a massive 0.75 million. These figures are testament to the benefits of partnership working and sharing good practice.

Aims and Objectives
The purpose behind the creation of The Geology Trusts has been primarily in the significant benefits of working in partnership. The immediate successes of recording and site management projects led to many groups moving on beyond the recording and designating of sites into broader geoconservation areas such as management and Local Geodiversity Action Plans.

The key to the delivery of these aims is the ability of the GT to attract funds that cover large geographic areas rather than small local ones. This gives the GT the ability to deliver regional and even national work programmes.

Another new area that the GT is promoting and developing is that of Geotourism. High quality trail guides already being produced by various member groups are pioneering this area. Another initiative that has enormous impact is the European Geopark status for The Abberley & Malvern Hills area.

Growing for the future
The GT members employ 10-15 paid staff at any one time. This enables the counties to provide a regular level of service to members of the groups, local agencies and local government authorities and, most importantly, the public. The GT are committed to working in this manner, as well as maintaining high standards of health & safety, equal opportunities and in-house training. The GT will also be forging good working relationships with the quarry/landfill/geotechnical operators, with significant sponsorship and advertising opportunities for an organisation covering such a large area.

All the current GT member groups are looking to attract new members. There is always a need for experienced or enthusiastic (professional or amateur) geologists and geomorphologists to join the individual groups and indeed anyone with an interest in their local Earth heritage and an hour or two to spare to assist in a variety of ways. So if you live in any of the GT counties and are interested in helping, then please contact them individually. Contact details for each of the member groups can be found on the links page.
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