Gloucestershire Geology Trust


The Gloucestershire Geological Records Centre (GGRC)

The GGT offices at Brockworth Court house the Gloucestershire
Geological Records Centre (GGRC).

For more detail, please see the Gloucestershire Geological Records Centre Data Access Policy document.

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The Geological Records Centre holds data in a variety of forms and includes digital data, published literature, published and unpublished research papers, site management plans, maps and site survey forms. The Centre holds data on well over 300 geological and geomorphological sites, including geological SSSI and RIGS and Local sites all over the county. Our records are continually managed and extended by the validation and addition of new records, as well as the up-dating of existing records. A programme of site monitoring has been established, using qualified staff, assisted by volunteers to assess the condition of sites since they were last recorded.

Fully qualified geologists from GGT are always willing to help with enquiries from all types of organisations and from the general public. The substantial membership of GGT provides a readily available depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the county. With members' backgrounds ranging from industry to education and a long history of geoconservation and interpretation, GGT is the only organisation in Gloucestershire with the data and ability to advise on geoconservation issues in the county.

To request information from the Gloucestershire Geological Records Centre, please complete an Information Request Form.
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