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Beachley Point
Education Pack and KS3 Worksheet

In association with Merlin Energy Resources Ltd an education pack has been put together, this intended for use by people of all ages and abilities. We have prepared a basic education pack aimed at Key Stage 3 which can be downloaded below.

Beachley Point provides the opportunity to observe:
• various rock types (mudstones, conglomerates, dolomitised limestones)
• fossils
• dipping beds
• folded beds
• faulting in beds
• evidence of weathering and erosion
• an unconformity
• a buried landscape

** Education Pack and Teacher's Guide Now Available to download**

  • Beachley Point Education Pack available [PDF] here or [Word doc] here
  • Beachley Point Teacher's Guide available [PDF] here or [Word doc] here

GGT would like to thank Merlin Energy Resources Ltd for their continued support of the Beachley Point initiative:





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