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Recording, Conserving and Promoting our Rocks & Landscape

Who We Are
Gloucestershire Geology Trust (GGT) is a registered charity, a founder member of The Geology Trusts and one of the leading geoconservation organisations in the country. The Trust was set up in 1992, with the aim of surveying and recording Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS).

What We Do

GGT also carry out conservation work on important geological sites; we hold the Geological Records Centre for the county; produce a variety of guides and publications; run a highly successful Rock & Fossil Roadshow programme and offer a variety of events throughout the year.

In addition to these services, we are able to deliver adviceand information relating to geology and geoconservation matters, as well as practical SSSI and RIGS geoconservation work. We have become the key point of Specialist Earth Heritage Conservation advice in the county. For more information follow the links on the left, or contact us directly.

What's On
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Huntley Quarry Conservation Days

Come along to Huntley Quarry to explore and improve the state of the impressive geological features. With knowledgable Geowardens on hand to lend their expertise, spend the afternoon contributing to the geoconservation of the quarry in the lovely woodland setting with tea, coffee and biscuits provided!

Come along and help Geowardens clear vegetation, expose geological structures, maintain paths, and much more. All people are welcome and no experience is needed, just enthusiasm for working outdoors and learning about Earth heritage.

If interested, please email Alice at or phone 01452 8644378 to find out more and sign up.

***Please note: these conservation days are not suitable for those who have difficulty in walking and climbing as there are several steep path areas and uneven surfaces.

Geo-conservation Days at Robinswood Hill, Gloucester

Come along and help at conservation taster days and full work days, clearing Jurassic rocks and revealing ancient creatures in the 200Myr old exposures in the upper quarry and other gems along the Geology Trail. With great views into the surrounding Gloucestershire countryside, teas and cakes, and good company, it is a great way to spend time!

With vegetation clearance, finding fossils, outcrop improvements, and a bit of wildlife watching -there are some resident goats who spend their time chomping through the shrubs, helping to improve the Geology outcrops is a great way to add to the All Paths Lead to the Hill

Sign up for free through the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Volunteering and Work Experience Positions Available

If you would like to get involved with any aspect of the Gloucestershire Geology Trust, including field work and monitoring, geology roadshow events, office based work, fossil specimen archiving and many, many more roles and responsibilities, please contact Alice at or phone 01452 864438

Geological Curator/Identification specialist required

If you have experience in curating and organising geological specimens, we would love to hear from you. We have a large collection of rocks, minerals and fossils which are in desperate need of some attention.

If you feel you could volunteer as little, or as much of your time, as you so choose, please get in touch with Alice at:

01452 864438

Geopark App Available for Android and Apple devices!

The app relates to the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark Trail, which finishes at Gloucester Cathedral. With loads of great features including:

-Palaegeo: Provides information about the global setting of a given time in Earth history, plate tectonic maps, past temperatures, CO2 levels, extinction rates and much more...!
- Location: walk recording features along your trail
-Map: BGS derived geological map data shown on 1:50000 scale
-Photos: Displays photo for given locations along trails, with further geological information and annotations

For further information on how to download and device suitability please click here


Geodiversity Database
For a demonstration on how the database works click here

-RIGS Sites Stores comprehensive data relating to RIGS and other geological sites

Search: The database is fully seachable and customisable
Fieldwork Take the database into the field with Ipads etc.
Customise Create custom views of your data

Works on PC, Mac and a range of mobile devices

Education Packs now available - Beachley Point

In association with Merlin Energy Resources Ltd an education pack has been put together, this is intended for use at Key Stage 3, which is available here.


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